MJM Consulting Engineers

MJM Consulting Engineers is a multi-disciplinary consultancy based in Wagga Wagga, in southern New South Wales. We provide a wide range of services across the fields of Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Building Design and Town Planning.

Our company prides itself on a long history of satisfying our client’s requirements, and ensuring the process is a positive experience for them. Our solid base of long-term clients is testament to this.

At MJM Consulting Engineers, our focus is providing high-quality consulting services and exceeding expectations with our personalised approach. We also take our duty of care seriously. We have a reputation for meeting the comprehensive requirements of a wide range of projects and have the right industry contacts to ensure your project is successful, buildable and cost-effective.

Established for over 10 years, MJM Consulting Engineers has a varied base of clients including people new to the building and development process, major industries and businesses, government organisations, national and local builders, large-scale developers and local Councils.

Our services

Civil Engineering

Subdivisions (residential, industrial, rural) and other land development matters

  • Hydraulic assessments, reports, design plans, long sections, calculations
  • Road upgrade or road widening design plans including services/utilities augmentation works
  • Sewer main design plans, long sections
  • Carparking and pavement design plans, internal access road design plans
  • Inspections and reports for drainage/flooding issues

Structural Engineering

  • Design plans for slabs, footings, piers for new houses, units, apartments, house extensions/renovations, garages/carports
  • Design plans for slabs, tilt-up panels, steelwork for industrial warehouses and sheds, agricultural sheds, industrial plant buildings
  • Structural certification of steel products and concrete products
  • Inspections and reports

Building Design

Design plans and specifications for new houses, units, apartments, house extensions/renovations, garages/carports

  • BASIX Certificates
  • Development Applications to Council

Town Planning

  • Preparation of Development Applications to Councils
  • Preparation of Statement of Environmental Effects reports
  • Planning and development advice
  • For all industrial, commercial, residential and rural development

Our experience

Web development - 9 years
WordPress - 5 years
Marketing & PR - 3 years
SMM & SEO - 2 years

Dynamic Consultancy

MJM Consulting Engineers is a dynamic consultancy firm that aims to add value to a project by providing an integrated and co-ordinated design solution. This result in a smooth running “buildable” project, saving valuable time and cost during  construction.

You projects will be handled by a fresh enthusiastic team of professionals dedicated to providing you with tailored and cost-effective solutions. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service.

Other features

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Marketing & PR

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Web design

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Key Projects

MJM Solutions have completed a number of major civil engineering, building design and structural engineering projects.

Pricing plans
Civil Engineering Projects

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Building Design

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Structural Engineering

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Our partners

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